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Back in November I picked up a few new products to try because I wanted to change up my hair regimen. I was hearing a lot of positive reviews on the As I Am line sold at Sally's and knew thats where I wanted to start. I picked up a few other items as well. 
 1. AS I AM Coconut Cowash: The coconut cowash was the main product that I wanted and I am so glad I picked it up. It is a wonderful product that allows you to detangle your hair in the shower and leaves your hair moisturized and clean.

2. AS I AM Cleansing Pudding: This product is very unique in texture. It is a very thick cream similar to a hair mask. I only use this when I need to deep clean my hair and remove product build up. It does the trick without leaving my hair feeling dry. Both items are now staples in my regimen.

3. AS I AM Hydration Elation: Meh. This doesn't really do anything for my hair and this product is not cheap! It is suppose to be a moisturizing hair mask and for me it just sits on the top of my head and doesn't penetrate my hair far enough to actually moisturize it and for the price this item is definitely a pass in my book. I would have taken it back but I lost my receipt :/

4. Carols Daughter Chocolat Blow dry cream: Smells divine! Did not notice a difference in hair unfortunately. My hair did not seem any smoother once it was blow dried. Decided to keep it anyway because the smell is just amazing and now Im using it as a moisturizer when I throw my hair into a high bun. I will not be repurchasing this after Im done the tube...o but the smell!

5. Carols Daughter Monoi split end repair: I should have known this would be a fail! a) You cant mend split ends and I know this b) Carols daughter hardly ever works for me anyway...Needless to say I returned it and got my $25 back.

6. Carols Daughter Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother: LOVE THIS! and yes I was very surprised that it worked for my unruly edges! This stuff is amazing when I just what to smooth down my edges and don't want to use my heavy duty Eco styler gel. It is definitely a softer hold but it lasts all day. This is now a staple in my regimen.

7. Carols Daughter Heat protectant spray: Meh. It got the job done but Im sure there are cheaper alternatives.

8. Paul Mitchell The Conditioner: Ummm AMAZING! This deserves a post of its own... stay tuned.

So because I fell in love with the AS I AM Coconut Cowash and Cleansing Pudding, I decided to go back and pick up a few more items. Both Items did not work for me. The smell is way to strong for me to deal with and the job they do is not worth me trying to hold my breath.I will stick with my Oyin whipped pudding which does an amazing job of moisturizing my curls and holding my twists.


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