My 2013 Hair Goals


(Freaking love her and her hair, Yaya from Americas Next Top Model)
Hey guys! Im back today with another post on my hair. Im coming up on a year (March 25th) of damage free natural hair and as I look back over the past year it made me think about want I want for my hair this year. Setting goals for anything in life is a way for me to practice discipline and dilligence especially because goals can easily be pushed to the wayside. Hopefully this year I can keep the goals that I want to accomplish and I hope you guys hold me accountable! Ok so here are my hair goals:

1. By 2014 I would like to have the shortest part of my hair (the front) below chin length and the longest part of my hair to shoulder length when stretched ( twist out)
2.Continue to prevent breakage by wearing protective styles (my fave high bun) and moisturizing at night ( terrible at this right now)
3. Find a holy grail Deep Conditioner ( recently purchased the Biolage Matrix Conditioning Balm will let you know how that goes)
4. Enjoy my hair and continue to learn what needs.
If you have any hair goals for this year feel free to share!(or even product recomendations!)


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