My Nail Journey + A Peek In My Nail Polish Stash


Happy Sunday! Todays post will be on my journey to long healthy nails. At the moment my nails have been struggling! They are very dry, brittle, and will break as soon as they start to get longer. I have also had problems with my nail polish not staying on longer than a day (literally). When it comes to my manicures I have tried every technique and base and top coat out there to help my polish not to peel or chip. It's frustrating when you continue to purchase things that scream they will be a miracle worker for your nails and then they don't work. Most of the products that I am currently using are recent purchases and are strictly on test mode. I hope with these products I will finally get the desired strength and length that I want. Here's the rundown...

1) Zoya Nail Polish Remover-This is my second or third bottle of this and I absolutely love it! It smells better than the average nail polish remover, it removes the polish quickly, and it is not harsh on my cuticles. 

2) Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat-I like this better than the cult favorite Seche Vite. This dries a little quicker than Seche Vite and I do not have to worry about it getting thick and goopy on me if I have it for a while. 

3) Orly Bonder Base Coat-This is a very recent purchase I picked up about a week ago. This claims to be an adhesive for your nail polish to prevent chipping and peeling. Welp, that was fail! In fact, My nail polish lasted all of 6 hours. I will try it again but as of right now I do not have high hopes for it.

4) Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover-This is the only cuticle remover I have tried and it seems to get the job done. I like that it only takes about 15 seconds to dissolve your dry cuticles. Once I finish this bottle I may try another brand just to compare.

5) NailTek Foundation 2- I have heard/read so many great reviews on this product and I bought this in hopes that it will turn my brittle short nails into the strong claws I have always wanted. Unfortunately that did not happen. 

6) OPI Nail Envy- My newest purchase and final hope ( I'm dramatic I know). I picked this up because of Hollyann-aeree's blog and Youtube (check her out). Her nails are amazing and she always talks about this as her holy grail nail item. I value her opinion and hopefully this works for me. Today was my first day trying it out and I actually like it so far. My nails fill very hard (almost like acrylic). The instructions say 2 coats as a base on the first day and then one coat as a top coat every other day for up to 5 days and then start the process over. I am going to follow the directions and see what happens (my fingers are crossed). It will also be interesting to see how long my polish will last on my nails. 

 ( My nails after 2 coats OPI Nail Envy, 2 Coats Zoya Loretta -it looks clear but it is a very soft pink, 1 Coat Sally Hansen Top Coat)

To keep my hands and cuticles moisturized and healthy I use Soap and Glory Hand Food and Burts Bee's Lemon Cuticle Cream through out the day but especially am & pm. I love both! Ok now for my nail polish stash. Unfortunately, I have not been getting much use out of my polishes because of how bad my nails chip. Hopefully I can find a technique and products that work for me so I can have a lasting manicure. 

(My nail polish is organized by color family and placed on a spice rack that swivels around)
( I keep it in my vanity with the rest of my makeup) 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I talk to you soon!


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