My Skincare Regimen


I am a true believer that the key to beautiful makeup first begins with your skin. You guys have heard time and time again that skincare is extremely important in the overall look of your makeup. Skincare starts with eating properly and making sure you are drinking lots of water! If your body is not being taking care of it will reflect through your skin, whether it be dullness, acne, or dark circles your skin will show it first. Secondly, everyone needs a skincare regimen and you need a regimen that is geared towards your skin type and your skins needs. 

I have a normal/combination/sensitive/ sometimes dry skin type. My skin is all over the place! It is very sensitive when it comes to the things that I take into my body, so I am constantly trying to be careful of what I eat and I am known for always drinking water. I also have to be careful about the makeup I choose and make sure that it does not clog my pores. When I buy skincare products I am looking for items that are going to moisturize and balance out my skin, prevent breakouts, and do a thorough job of cleaning out my pores. My current skincare regimen has done just that! Lets jump into the details...
1) Clarasonic Mia in Pink- I love this! It is basically an electronic toothbrush for your face, it allows whatever cleanser you are using to work 10x's better by opening your pores and allowing your cleanser to really get in and clean.

2) Mac Cleanse Off Oil- Holy grail makeup remover! It removes everything and leaves my face free of makeup and it smells awesome. I cant even tell you how many bottles I have been through of this stuff.

3) Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser- I use this morning and night in conjunction with my Clarasonic. It cleans deep into my pores leaving nothing behind but clean skin. I really appreciate the fact that this doesn't leave my skin tight.

4) Kiehls Cucumber Herbal Alcohol- Free Toner- I cant use toners with alcohol because they completely dry out my skin and sometimes even burn. This toner is very soothing and helps settle some of the redness that I may have. I use this morning and night.

5)Kiehls Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment- I use this to help with any breakouts I may have ( which have been very rare lately) and also to help diminish the few acne scares that I have. I like this product because it is the first acne product that doesn't dry out my skin or break me out even worse. I use am and pm.

6)Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream- Best moisturizer ever and leaves my skin feeling balanced. I only use in am.

7)Sheseido Facial Clothes- A nice luxurious cloth to use to either remove your makeup or use with you toner (which is what I do). I like it because the normal cotton rounds irritate my sensitive skin. This leaves my skin feel soft and not irritated and also doesn't leave cotton pieces behind.

8)Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum- This is AMAZING it pretty much resets my skin for the next day. I wake up with softer, calmer, and healthier skin every-time.

I didn't list a night and eye cream because the night cream I am currently using I am not a big fan of and I am just using it up so that I can try the Kiehls Rosa Artica Cream. As for the eye cream, I am currently testing out the Kiehls Creamy Avocado Treatment and I have not tried it long enough to say I would officially put it into my regimen (but so far I'm loving it).

Ummm Ok this post is getting long! Really quick I just wanted to let you guys know about my masks  that I use. I try to do a mask depending on how my skin is feeling every other day.

1) Bliss Steep Clean Mask- This mask I can only use about once a week and when I feel my skin is really congested  because it is so strong. At $55 this is not cheap! But I have had it for literally over a year and I'm sure I have a ways to go. It is a deep pore unclogging mask that also exfoliates and leaves your skin smooth and glowing. Its one of those masks you can feel working! It almost feels like its steaming your face without a steamer. I prefer to use this in the morning because I love the radiant glow it gives my face.

( It has two products in one and you have to mix the colors together to activate the exfoliating enzymes, I know this sounds gimmicky but this mask works!)

2) Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask- A classic clay mask that's perfect for breakouts and just unclogging pores. I mostly use this for spot treatments right before I go to bed. It dries out the spot and by the morning time it is significantly reduced and not as red. And its cheap! I think this huge tub was just $5.

3) Lush Love Lettuce Mask- I love Lush's fresh face masks my other favorites are Brazened Honey and Cupcake. I use these everyday because they are not super intense and they have an expiration date on them which is about 2 weeks. These are great to help you wind down for the night.

Ok the longest post in the world is now over. Thank you for sticking it out with me and will talk to you soon!


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