How to Apply Under Eye Concealer & Cream


A few weeks ago during my daily surf through the web, I ran into a step by step picture of how to properly apply under eye concealers and creams. I already knew that you should pat the eye when applying ( even though I insisted on wiping or smearing it on) but I did not know it should not be close to the lash line. I would purposely place both my concealers and eye creams extremely close to the lash line. This placement of the products was resulting in puffy and red eyes. I was also beginning to form some serious dark circles due to my smearing the product on instead of patting. Since I have changed  the way I apply these products I have noticed a significant change in the skin around my eyes and how long my concealer last and I no longer wake- up with red puffy eyes. I feel like these are mistakes that a lot of women make, even those in the beauty world and I hope this post helped!!!!


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