Beauty Favorites~March


Last months "Beauty Favorites" are more like skin care favorites. I barely wore any make up due to my detox, a fight with benzoyl peroxide (benzoyl completely won), and Strep Throat ( march was rough OK). Alright here's the run down.

1) OPI Nail Envy~ This is the truth and I am obsessed. I will be giving a more detailed review on this later this month so stay tuned.

2) Essie "Blue Rhapsody"~ I have really been enjoying metallic nail polish. This beauty came out last year with a whole line of metallic polishes. I am use to seeing golds and silvers in a metallic finish but seeing this blue is just wonderful. If you see this lingering around in Target or your local drugstore, you should pick it up and give it a try!

3) Jane Carter Nourish & Shine~ I use this on my hair, mainly when I am taking out my twists in the morning. I would consider this a hair butter that melts into your fingertips and becomes more of a thick oil. It has all natural butters, pure essential oils, and vitamins A,D,&E. This has been wonderful and it smells like honeysuckle so that's an added plus!

4)Shea Moisture Olive Oil & Green Tea Body Scrub~ I personally do not like Shea Moisture's hair line. OH but this scrub... DIVINE! Its so good that a separate review is on the way.

5) Bliss Steep Clean Mask~Mentioned this before in my last skin care post. My skin was in terrible shape last month and this was the only thing that saved me from looking like the walking dead. After every use my skin looked brighter and felt more hydrated. Very thankful for this mask.

6) Caudalie Beauty Elixir~ A few months back I bought this in hopes that it would be similar to my beloved MAC was not. Therefore I returned it. Then I realized that it is more of a skin care product (toner) than a setting spray (duh!) hence the repurchase, hence why I am in love. I use it in the AM right before I apply my oil and moisturizer. It's very refreshing and it plumps my face while giving a really nice glow to the skin.

7) Josie Maran Argan Oil~ Everyone needs this in there life (at least try a sample). I use this in the morning before my moisturizer and at night after my serum before I moisturize. This has helped balance my skin by locking in moisture while helping with overproduction of sebum (oil). It is a beautiful oil that is lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly. Buying the big boy as soon as I'm done with the mini.

8)Bath and Body Works "Garden Freesia" Candle~ The scent is described as fresh cut freesia, violet petals, and a touch of sandalwood. Its one of those candles that you don't even have to burn and you can smell it as soon as you walk into the room, but its not overpowering. Its a very mature scent, not too girly or musky... it's perfect. Garden Freesia and Cider Lane are running neck and neck for the all time favorites spot.

9)Favorite Shows: Scandal and Red Widow~ Strep throat was not fun, but it did allow me to spend a whole day in bed catching up on Scandal and Red Widow (which is a pretty new series). Amazing shows with 2 powerful women, what more do you need?

What were your March Faves? Any new shows? 


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