Empties ~ #1


Lately I have been adamant about using up all of my products, even the ones I'm not keen on. I have racked up quite a few "empties" some of which I save because certain brands have recycle rewards/ perks, for example "Back to MAC". Here's a quick run through of what I have used up in the past couple months and whether I will be repurchasing them or not.

1) Hot Buttered Rum Bath and Body Works Candle (2) ~ I was so sad to see these go, they smell amazing and remind me of fall and caramel mixed together. If B&BW launches this scent again in the fall I will definitely scoop them up. REPURCHASE.

2) Marshmallow Fireside Bath and Body Works Candle ~ I loved this scent about a year ago, unfortunately it was too overpowering for me this year. I was glad to finish this. 

3) MAC Brush Cleanser (2) ~ I have used this cleanser for years as a quick spot treatment for my makeup brushes. It has never failed me and it will continue to be a staple in my makeup stash. REPURCHASE.

4) Sally Hansen Quick Dry Top Coat ~ Hands down favorite top coat, it dries fast, adds shine, and does not goop (not a word) as fast as Seche Vite. Love this. Already REPURCHASED.

5)Kiehls Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment~ I have used this a few times over the years and I currently have another tube of it in my skincare stash. To be honest I can't really tell if I notice a difference anymore. When I first started using it, it worked wonders on my acne scars. I think may skin may have gotten used to this. I will finish my current tube and then seek another product that is similar. WILL NOT REPURCHASE.

6)B&BW Triple Moisture Body Cream in Twilight Woods ~ I love this stuff! It comes in a ton of amazing scents and is extremely moisturizing. I have now directed my attention (and money) to products that have more natural ingredients. MAY REPURCHASE OCCASIONALLY.

7) Kiehls Deep Earth Pore Cleanser ~ I enjoyed using this product, it always left my skin feeling clean but not tight or dried out. Right now I am enjoying the cleansers I am currently using and have a ton of others on my "Must Try" list. So for now I WILL NOT REPURCHASE.

8) Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream ~ I love this moisturizer. Its lightweight yet leaves my skin very hydrated and plump. I have already REPURCHASED. I am also looking at other moisturizers right now but I think this will always be in my skincare stash.

9) Cantu Shea Butter Leave- In~ Is the truth! I use to use this a lot when I first cut my hair and then I fell off and moved on to another over-hyped product. I recently picked this back up again and fell right back in love. It leaves my hair so smooth and tamed and not to mention hydrated! Already REPURCHASED.

10) Lush Sympathy for the Skin~ Holy Grail body moisturizer. Yes I have one right now. I am still constantly trying out new body moisturizers but this will always be somewhere in my bathroom. REPURCHASE.

11) AS I AM Coconut Cowash~ I posted and did a mini review on this product here. Love it. REPURCHASE.

12) Soap and Glory Flake Away~ Loved the smell of this body scrub but unfortunately I have found a new body scrub that sets the bar high for all other body scrubs and is a lot cheaper than this $20 tub. WILL NOT REPURCHASE.

Hope you enjoyed this empties post! What have you finished up in the last couple of months? OH! Quick note guys LUSH, MAC, and KIEHLS all have recycle rewards. So if you save your products from them and return them back to the store you can receive free products. Lush is 6 black pots and you get a free fresh face mask. MAC is 6 mac items and you can get a lip gloss, eyeshadow, or lipstick of your choice from the permanent line. Kiehls has a reward card for every certain amount of items you bring back you can get something free. Hope you are enjoying your day.


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