Nail Growth Journey~OPI Nail Envy Review


I first posted about my lack luster brittle nails a little over a month ago. My nails were short and constantly breaking. My polish would never stay on longer than a day (if I was lucky) and my short nails made it a hassle for me to even paint them. I tried quite a few base coats and nail growth foundations and quite frankly none of them made even a speck of difference. I picked up Nail Envy at my local Ulta and I even though I had heard great reviews I was still unsure and at $16 a bottle I made sure to save my receipt because I was positive this would be a FAIL.

(Before OPI Nail Envy)

Luckily I was wrong! Nail Envy lived up to its hyped reviews and claims. My nails have grown significantly longer and they are strong! They very rarely have a full blown break (maybe a chip here and there if I'm being reckless). As a base coat my nail polish now lasts about 2-3 days without having major chips. I love this stuff! 

                       (After 1 month of OPI Nail Envy)                                                       

OPI Nail Envy = Game Changer. Have you tried this out yet?


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