New Body Care Bits


Now that Spring is in full swing (see what I did there), I wanted to try out new items for my body. I have very dry skin and with the warmer weather approaching I wanted to start trying out body oils. I love oil for my hair and I love oil for my face even more, so why not everywhere else. While taking a gander through Target recently (that place is a trap you go in for 2 things and come out with a trunks worth of items) I saw they had a few products I wanted to try out.

I've never heard of J. R Watkins but their packaging caught my eye and I love that most of their products have natural ingredients in them. I picked up the Apricot and Pequi Oil Body Butter and the Coconut and Milk Body Oil Mist. This brand was very disappointing, cute packaging aside, it did not live up to my expectations. The body butter has a very waxy consistency that is extremely hard to blend into the skin and can cause for you to miss areas of your body (I'm also not a fan of the scent). It doesn't absorb well into the skin and it just sits at the top forcing you to have to rub it in vigorously. The Body Oil is O.K, I'm sure there are better options out there. When using the items together ( body mist first and body butter after) they work better as a combination but still nothing I am wowed over. 

Ok so as you may know I'm kinda madly in love with the Shea Moisture Scrub that I recently did a review on. So of course I want to try everything in that line! I picked up the Dead Sea Salt Soak and the Bath, Body and Massage oil both in the same Olive & Green Tea scent as the scrub. The Sea Salt Soak left much to be desired, I have tried it a few times and though it leaves my bath smelling like a tropical rain forest in May, it just doesn't do enough for my body. I think I expected it to provide me with baby bottom softness. Now, the Bath, Body and Massage oil I have used in my bath tub and just directly on my skin as a moisturizer and its nice. Just nice? yes just nice. The scent makes me want to use it all the time but I think there are better options in the market. Its moisturizing but my skin just needs a little more.

What are your body care needs?


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