Pamper and Prep


My Sunday nights are spent relaxing and preparing for the week. I usually like to organize my planner, take a bath, do my nails, and any other beauty activities that I have neglected throughout the previous week. Its also my time to experiment with new products, face masks, and in this case a new hairstyle. The weather this week is suppose to be amazing! Some days reaching up to the 80's and having my hair down was just not in option. I have been loving the Goddess/ Halo Braid trend that has been happening for some time now. So I wet my hair with some water and moisturized with Carols Daughter Hair milk after a few tries I got it (well pretty much). 

I actually really love it, and will be putting it in my hair style rotation. It's a quick, easy, and a very pretty hairstyle to do for those warm spring/summer days. I pretty much just did two dutch braids and wrapped and pinned them in the back. 

What new hair styles are you going to try this season ?


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