Review ~ Loreal The SuperSlim Liquid Eyeliner


When it comes to eyeliner I either don't wear any at all or I wear a liquid eyeliner winged out on my top lash line. I'm not a fan of pencil and gel liners and I'm still on the fence about lining my waterline. My go to liquid eyeliner is Loreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black, it is a staple in my makeup collection and nothing I have found in the past seems to compare. Loreal just released a new eyeliner in pen form with a skinnier, more precise tip. The SuperSlim is priced at about $7.99 depending on where you purchase it at and has 1 ml vs. the Loreal Lineur Intense costing about the same amount and having 1.5ml.

 I like that the liner is in the shape of a pen because for beginners it can be a little easier to use. I also enjoy the textured grip towards the front of the liner for a better hold which hopefully will give you a more precise line. It has a very sharp point which is going to help with a cleaner line and crisp wing. Unfortunately this liner does not run across the eyelids smoothly. I found that the texture of this was on the dryer side and it had a tendency to pull and skip when trying to create a line. I had to go over the line a couple of times to make sure there weren't any gaps.

                                               (Versatile tip, you can go ultra thin or very thick)

The SuperSlim claims to last 12hrs. For me it lasted about 4 before it started to smear and sometimes just disappear all together. Tarte MultiplEYE eyeliner is similar to the Loreal SuperSlim in that it is in the same pen style. Tarte's liner I believe is a better option (its a lot more money at about $19 but well worth it if you have a hard time applying liner), it has a brush applicator instead of a felt tip which allows the brush to glide along the top lash line a little easier. Tarte's formula is also a bit "wetter", giving a nice black glossy line.
                                      (Tarte MultiplEYE liner on top, Loreal Lineur Intense on bottom)

                          (In both pics; Tarte on top, Loreal Liner Intense middle, and Loreal TheSuperSlim on bottom)

Overall its not a bad liner, but there are so many better options in the market right now. If you need a good dark black, easy to use, stays put all day eyeliner I would suggest Loreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black, its about the same price and you even get a little bit more product in the tube. What are your favorite eyeliners? I'm still on the hunt for the best liner for waterline , any suggestions?



  1. I don't know why they have disconnected the Tarte MultiplEYE liquid eyeliner, it was a verygood one, not even the Kat Von D compares. I continuously write to Tarte, asking them to bring it back. Please let me make this possible by writing to them begging for them to bring it back. Thanks kindly