Review ~ Shea Moisture Body Scrub in Olive & Green Tea


I am not a fan of Shea Moisture's hair line ( gasps) but there skin care has me begging for more. My skin is extremely dry all year long and sensitive. So I usually look for a product that is going to moisturize my skin but also has healthier/ natural ingredients. Lush is usually my go to for all my body care needs and I have recently been diving into higher end brands for luxurious oils and decadent body butters (more on that later). This scrub is exactly what I am looking for as an exfoliator, it removes dead skin while leaving a lovely oil behind that absorbs into your skin. It does not smell at all what you would expect it to smell like. It  has a relaxing but floral fragrance, exotic yet refreshing. I just cant get enough of this product. 


At $10 for a 12oz tub you really cant beat the price. I like that it is located at Target so its never a hassle for me to pick up if I run out. Will this remain a staple in my shower? We shall see but for now I am enjoying it.

I am always interested in trying new body care items! What have you fell in love with lately?


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