Can you pass the mints?


 Now that June is tomorrow and Memorial Day has come and gone summer has officially started here in DC. We unfortunately didn't have much of a spring but that isn't stopping me from sporting mint on my nails. I love...
this color and it definitely doesn't have to be reserved for the spring months. This hue will be all over my nails and toes well into fall.

From Left to Right:

~Maybelline Mint Mist~ apart of maybelline's limited edition summer 2013 collection, I had to add this baby to my collection, for me it leans a little on the bluer side of things and can be a tad difficult to apply but it just might be the perfect mint color.

~Essie Mint Candy Apple~ a cult favorite. Depending on your skintone this color can look very minty or it could pulled a tad turquoise and bright, which it does for me and I love it.

~ Butter London Fiver ~ I LOOOOVE white based polishes against my skin tone. This is my FAVORITE mint polish. It just looks very clean and fresh on your nails and the application is wonderful.

~POP Mint Magic~ Want a bright borderline neon mint polish? This one is great. I love wearing this as a pedi with white sandals...summer Im ready for you!

~China Glaze For Audrey~ Another cult favorite. This polish can pull to a "tiffany blue" color on some people, but on me it leans a little more on the green side. Still  a lovely classic blue/green.

~ Zoya Bevin~ I know not really mint is it? I love wearing this polish towards the end of summer heading into fall, and the formula is amazing.

~Essie Turquoise & Caicos~ The quintessential summer color. A bright turquoise that in certain lighting can look like a brighter version of Essie Mint Candy Apple.

                                    What are your favorite hues to put on your nails at the moment ?


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