Aveda Does Skincare


A few months ago I made discovery! Aveda does skin care. Who knew? Clearly I was late to the game, but I jumped on the bandwagon quick and haven't looked back. I picked up

the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant toner first. This product has salicylic acid that helps remove surface cells, revealing a clearer complexion. Having an exfoliating toner as one of your skin care steps also helps prepare your skin to receive the maximum benefits from your serum and or moisturizer. I love the scent of this product but if you are sensitive to scents you may not be able to handle it because it is quite strong. I personally find the scent very soothing and relaxing. Wonderful to use after a long day. The first week of use I did notice my skin had a purging stage, but now that I have been using this for quite some time my skin has remained pretty clear.

 I had such a good experience with the exfoliating toner I decided to pick up the hydrating toner mist from the same line. Following up with a hydrating mist replenishes the skin after your exfoliating toner. Blended with sodium hyluronate, rosewater, and few other amazing ingredients this mist is VERY hydrating, not to the point that it makes you oily, but you can definitely feel a noticeable difference. The mister on the bottle is a little aggressive and the smell is not as delicious as the exfoliating toner, but this is a staple in my skin care regimen.

Have you tried any of Aveda's skin care products?


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