Summer Bases


Its Hot! Not only is it hot but it is humid and quite frankly I have been bypassing makeup and opting for an Au Natural look. If I do decide to wear a base I scour my collection for the lightest, most sheer coverage option I can find. Here are a few of my Summer picks for bases.

~Maybelline BB Cream in Deep Sheer Tint SPF 30 ~ One of the first BB Creams to hit the drugstores it didn't receive the best reviews. Most people complained about the lack of coverage and the actual properties that make this a BB cream. Ignore the BB  part of this product and look at it as a tinted SPF. I have yet to find a SPF that I actually enjoy putting on my face. I love the watery consistency of this because it gives it a light as air feeling on the face and for me the coverage is just what I need in this weather.

~ Dior BB Cream in 004 SPF 10 ~ The perfect base for summer nights. I would consider this light to medium coverage. Instead of the full on glow that I usually look for in bases this is more of a natural semi-matte but still healthy glow. I suggest for night time 1. because its more full coverage (unless you prefer that during the day ) and 2. The SPF is too low to use this on its on this kind of weather.

~ Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Caramel 260 SPF 20 ~ The only foundation I have ever tried that I actually like ( I always opt for tinted moisturizers and BB Creams). Lightweight, glowy, and has an SPF that's more than 15. The perfect summer foundation.

~ Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Deep Bronze SPF 20 ~ A tinted moisturizer which is what most people switch over too when they are transitioning into hotter months, but even some TM's can be a little too heavy. Jouer has perfected this product by creating a lightweight base that still gives a good amount of coverage. Oh and can we just take a minute to talk about the glow on this product. I love this when my skin is looking and feeling tired, it immediately gives me a great boost of radiance.

~ Clinique CC Cream in Deep SPF 30 ~For those days you just need a little bit of extra coverage and a good dose of SPF. This gives great coverage without lacking on the dew factor. My skin always looks perfect and lasts the whole day with out melting off.

~ MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark~ I can't talk about summer bases and not mention this oldie but goodie. One of my first MAC products ever, I will always and forever suggests this to people. I great coverage powder that is light on the skin and also manages to provide a slight glow while keeping you oils at bay. Great for quick no fuss days and easy to apply. If you want a powder with SPF I suggest Benefits Hello Flawless, similar to MACs but a tad heavier with more coverage and not as glowy.

I am thinking about trying Bobbi Brown's BB Cream or TM, what summer bases are you using?


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