The Truth About Eyelash Curlers


Ok so here's the shocking truth about eyelash curlers (and a recent discovery on my part), not everyone needs to curl their eyelashes.
That statement seems so simple and kinda of a "duh" moment, but I'm pretty sure a few of you are curling your eyelashes wondering when the magic will happen. For years it has been engraved in my head that if you want to look more awake and want longer lashes you must curl them. It's just another step that has been tossed into my makeup routine assuming that I needed it.

When I first got into makeup I was using eye lash curlers by Revlon. I never noticed a difference, in fact I thought it made my lashes harder to deal with it because they seemed too curled or crimped. So of course I went for the big guns and picked up the Shu Umera Lash Curler  and once again I never really got on with it. I have tried it so many different ways! Quite frustrating actually, because of course I wanted to look wide awake and have long lashes that touched my forehead. 

Here's the turning point, a couple of months ago my friend complimented me on my eyelashes and I quote "Your eyelashes are so curled" -pause-  What! I didn't curl them that morning and I didn't have any mascara on. Now just because my lashes are curly does not mean they are long or voluminous (see picture above) but they do have a natural curl to them that eyelash curlers just seem to ruin. Moral to this story? Learn you face, learn you. What works for everybody else just might not work for you. This goes for so many things in life, don't even get me started on my hair. 

What beauty step that seems to work for others just doesn't work for you? I'm interested to know!


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