Butter London Does Makeup


Sometimes when brands dive into the world of makeup they are really taking a gamble. Butter London recently launched a new makeup line, which to be honest I wasn't surprised since they had already launched some lip glosses a while back. The collection has mascara's, tinted lip balms, eye pencil and the only thing I had my eye on, cream blushes. 

The Cheeky Cream Blush in Pistol Pink is a bright cool toned pink. Initially I wanted the coral color, Abbey Rose, but when I saw this I knew it was going home with me. I'm a sucker for a bright pink any day. The consistency is thin and creamy. It melts quickly into your skin making blending it out easy. Thanks to the thinness of the product it feels light on the skin. It sets in place and just looks radiant,  leaving a beautiful glow. If Stila Convertible Color and YSL cream blushes had a baby it would be this product. Overall I'm impressed with Butter London and thinking about going back to pick up Abbey Rose.

How do you feel about other brands diving into makeup?


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