Origins Ginzing Collection


Origins has quickly stepped into the role of favorite skin care brand, which are pretty big shoes to fill since REN used to own that role. Everything that I have tried from them so far (including makeup) has been phenomenal. Origins has different collections for your skin care needs and I usually mix and match, picking up things that I know should work for me.

The Ginzing Collection is all about brightening. If you are feeling like you just need a pick me up for your skin this is definitely the place to start. The Ginzing Moisturizer is a light weight gel/ cream hybrid that melts into your skin and gives you an extra boost. I have not stopped using this since I purchased it. Every morning I slap this on my face and breath in the amazing scent of chocolate oranges. I was afraid that this wouldn't be hydrating enough for my skin but it hydrates and leaves behind a beautiful glow.

The Ginzing Eye Cream is the star pupil out of this class. Every time I use it I fall more in love with it. I'm constantly suffering from tired looking eyes and this gives them a quick wake up slap. It has a pinkish/ iridescent tint to it that INSTANTLY brightens your eyes. My concealer also sits on this product really well. Formulated with caffeine this eye cream also diminishes any puffiness I may be suffering from.

The Ginzing Mascara is a lovely everyday mascara. It lengthens the lashes and fans them out beautifully creating a wispy effect. It's not as volumizing as some of my recent favorites but I love it on days when I'm not wearing much makeup. Next up, I want to try the Brightening Cream Eyeshadow.

Who is your favorite skin care brand at the moment?


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