Falling for Eye Pencils


Long gone are the days of my thin liquid cat eye, that has been replaced with my recent love of smudge out liner and thicker winged options. My Loreal Lineur Intense has been pushed to the back of my makeup drawer and a few pencil options have quickly moved to the front. I have quite a few pencil eyeliners but I narrowed it done to a couple of my favorite brands/ pencils.

~ Stila Kajal Eyeliners ~ Love this ultra creamy and easily blendable eye pencil. I mainly use this when I want to smudge my eyeliner quickly and effectively. This is also a great option for blending into lower lash-line to really smoke out your eye look. ( I have Onyx, Tigers Eye, and Topaz)

~ MAC Eye Kohls ~ Probably one of the first eyeliners I have ever owned. I used to be OBSESSED with Smolder, a beautiful deep blacker than black color, but (believe it or not) I recently discovered a few blacker options. Teddy a beautiful dark brown with a subtle gold shimmer is still my all time favorite brown liner. I have not found anything quite like it and its just a beautiful dark brown without being too dark or too light. ( I have Smolder, Teddy, and Blooz)

~ NARS Larger than Life Eye Pencil in Via Veneto ~ LOVE THIS! Extremely black liner that stays put, be careful because once this sets its on forever. I love using this for dramatic winged out liner, smudged out ( but you have to work fast) and waterline. Its definitely an all rounder. Did I mention how black this is?

~ Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon ~ I saved the best for last. My all time favorite eye liner (yea I said it ). The NARS eye pencil I previously discussed is a close second but these MJ eyeliners pull out for the win. The are so creamy and smooth to apply on the lash line. They literally just glide along your eyelid, but they stay put all day. It's a mechanical pencil but it also has a built in sharpener on the bottom so the tip can remain pointed. Most of the time my eye looks consist of a cat eye and I love how these liners create a crisp clean line while still being soft and sexy. I can go on and on about these but for the sake of not boring you...You need to at least grab the black. (I have the colors Rio(cocoa), N(ice), Jazz(berry), Infro(vert), and Blacquer)

What are your favorite pencil eyeliners? Do you prefer liquid, gel, or pencil liners?



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