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This year has been a year of brands expanding. I feel like everyone has branched out into new exciting areas, from Butter London diving into the makeup world to Clinque bringing out nail polishes. Now Marc Jacobs one of my favorite designers has launched a makeup line. When I headed into Sephora to check out the line I did not expect to see such a massive display. The line has everything Foundation, brushes, blushes, polishes, concealer, eyeliner, and more. Although the display was massive I was underwhelmed by the color section. I decided to pick a few bits to play with anyway and let you guys know my thoughts.
Lets talk polish. The nail varnishes were the wow factor in the display. They stand out and you cant help but gravitate to them. I picked up Petra and Evelyn and you can see swatches here on my Instagram. The formula was pretty good on both. Evelyn needed two coats but Petra you could get away with just one. The wear time for me was only 2-3 days which based on the fact that these are higher-end nail polishes I was a little disappointed, but wear time for everyone is different, so don't let that discourage you. Overall the polishes are nice and I have my eye on the red one next.

Marc Jacobs released Trios and 7 pan Palettes. The trio colors did not excite me and I decided to pick up The Lolita Palette. The palette has 3 mattes, 3 shimmers, and 1 glitter which allows this palette to be very versatile. The colors have really great pigmentation but they are extremely powdery, so powdery in fact they cause a lot of fall out. I have to really make sure I tap of all of the excess when applying these shadows or they will fall down on to my face.

The colors are beautiful neutral/ cool toned shades that go well with each other. It's unfortunate that they can be such a mess to apply. Overall this palette will be used when I have time to really work with it. Definitely not a quick everyday pull out and go palette.

Next up is the Remedy Concealer Pen. I thought the concept was interesting and wanted to see how well it worked for me. I picked up the color 6/After Hours which as you can see in the picture has more pink in it than my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. The MJ concealer is suppose to be an all in one product that brightens, color corrects, and diminishes the look of fatigue and dehydration. It has a palladium applicator that cools on contact to help reduce puffiness. Does it work? Well...the consistency of the concealer is really thin and watery which can actually be a little better for those of us that have fine lines under our eyes, but if you have serious dark circles you would definitely need a thicker concealer on top. It blends out quickly and beautifully and the cooling applicator does wonders to my puffy eyes. I love that it has a little window so you can see how much product you have left. Overall I enjoy this concealer. Is it HG status? Not quite.

I saved the best for last. The Highliner Gel Crayon is the hidden gem in this beauty line. This eyeliner is amazing! I picked up Blacquer and Ro (which is a deep bronze with a little shimmer). The creamiest, most easy to apply eye pencils that I have ever tried that will not move once they set. They have a twist up mechanism but the also have a sharpener built in which is great! I will definitely be going back to pick up a back up of the black and try out some of the other colors.

Have you tried anything from this line?


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