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Pewter  duochrome polishes have taken over the nail world. Today I decided to do a comparison of a few of the pewter shades in my stash. A lot of times a nail polish will look similar or even exactly the same as another polish in the bottle but once swatched it could be a completely different story.

(Butter London in Knackered, Wet N Wild Gray's Anatomy, Rimmel Bronze Princess, and OPI Peace & Love & OPI)

~ Butter London Knackered ~ Probably the least similar out of the bunch. The duochrome effect is lost a bit once it is actually applied but it surprises you with this beautiful rainbow sparkle that is definitely not subtle. It takes about 3 coats (maybe even 4) to get full opacity but this really is a beautiful color, especially for those of you who like lighter colors but still want to be on trend for the Fall season. 

~ Wet N Wild Gray's Anatomy ~ I love the name but the polish left much to be desired. Also a 3 coater  the sheer barely there formula isn't anything to be wowed about. The duochrome effect is lost in application and the formula leaves patches. 

~ Rimmel Bronze Princess ~ I used this polish to compare mainly the formula and duochrome goodness not the color. I did a full review on this polish here. This is the closest in formula to the OPI Peace & Love & OPI polish. Completely opaque in 1 or 2 coats this is a beautiful polish. Leaning more towards a bronzey/brown color this is still a great option for Fall.

~ OPI Peace & Love & OPI ~ I LOVE this color. A beautiful deep pewter with that reflects purple and emerald. You really need to see this polish in person to really get the full effect of the colors. I love that it shows up in shade or sunlight. Completely opaque in 2 coats this is a must have for fall. 

What nail trends are you excited about this season?


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