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As you all may know Sunday nights are my special times to just relax, prep for the week, and pamper the hell out of myself. From face masks to body products I usually pick the most luxurious products out of my stash to slather on. Recently I have been reaching for this Garden Apothecary Organic Sugar Scrub in Vanilla + Balsam *. One of the best scrubs I have ever tried and its 100% organic.

Its the perfect mix of sugar and essential oils that leave your skin extremely soft and smooth. I have very dry skin and this works wonders for my dry patches. If you have softer more sensitive skin this product can be a little harsh for those of you who are overly sensitive. I love abrasive scrubs (for my body) but this has an added element to it...the oils. It leaves your skin feeling amazing! The scent was nice, you can definitely smell the vanilla, it doesn't linger on your body which I prefer, right now I am eyeing the peppermint sugar scrub I can already see myself completely enjoying that!

 I love the product, the packaging, and even more the idea behind the brand. The owner Jennifer, crafts every product by hand and makes small batches of botanical products for the body and face. I was lucky enough to ask her a few questions about her brand.

Can you explain to us what a horticulturist is/does and how you got started? 

A horticulturist is a professional in the field of Horticulture; plant growing, landscaping, farming, etc. It’s basically a vast term for someone who works with plants. My start was over 13 years ago when I started my landscape design and consultation company, Wildflower Farms. My back ground is in farming and plant propagation and it was a seamless transition into design. Today I still own and operate Wildflower Farms, and we serve the entire SF Bay Area. 

When did you decide to turn your love for plants into a business?

I turned my obsession and love for plants into a business when I was 18 years old. It was the day after I graduated high school in Half Moon Bay, CA - and I went out and got a business license and gardening tools! I’ve loved working with plants ever since I was little, so turning it into a business was a natural step for me. On good days, I spend more time with plants then I do people! 

 There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be organic, any tips on picking out the best ones?

Luckily, the trend towards buying “organically” seems to be staying. People are folding sustainable and organic companies in their lives every day. I think buying locally and from small companies is the biggest thing to remember when you are buying anything. This can be your groceries, clothing and bath + beauty products. Some companies can’t afford to be certified organic right away, but they use holistic and organic practices. Continuing to support them will allow them (and other similar companies) to eventually certify and stay as eco-friendly as possible. You can also do a bit of researching when it comes to what you buy. If the company is owned by a larger chain of brand name companies, it’s might not be someone you want your money to go to. Putting your money where your beliefs are is incredibly powerful. 

 Out of all the products you make which one is your favorite?

Oh hard question! I’d have to say my Lime Peel + Neroli perfume is a staple for me in my purse or bag. But my mud masks and face & body mists are a close second - I never travel with out them. Even for just a day trip... you never know when your skin might break out or become stressed. I’ve packaged those products specifically so you can toss them in your purse when you are on the go! We even have a 2 oz. mist size so you can take it on the plane. When I’m in the shower, I adore the Vanilla + Balsam body scrub... I can just stand there with hot water running on me, smelling the vanilla for a long time! 

Do you have any beauty/skincare secrets? 
 My beauty care secret is using honey! I love using raw, locally harvested honey on my face and hair. It heals wounds anywhere on your body, clears and cleanses your skin and hair and is a natural antibacterial. Plus it smells and tastes great! Another not-so-secret is drinking water and taking plenty of baths. If you drink at least 8-10 large glasses of water a day, plus soak in a hot tub 1-3 times per week - you will notice a huge improvement on your overall well-being and skincare. 

I highly recommend you guys check out her site Garden Apothecary she also has a blog and shop to purchase her products. 


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