The Budget Buy ~ Loreal Liners


When it comes to liners of any kind at the drugstore Loreal does it best. They have a huge offering from pencil liners to gel and everything in between and I have yet to pick up a liner from Loreal and not enjoyed it.

    Probably one of my first ever run ins with a liquid liner was Loreal's Lineur Intense in Carbon Black. Holy Grail status this is just the perfect liner for me in every single way. It's extremely black lasts all day and the felt tip is the perfect size for an everyday wing. It has enough flexibility to make the product easy to work with but its still stiff enough for you to get a nice clean straight line.
    If you are a beginner to liquid eyeliner or you want a very thin precise line I would opt for Loreal's Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner. It's in a pen form which makes it a bit easier to use (they also give you a nice cushiony grip). The nib on this is very small and extremely precise as you can see from the picture above the line is quite thinner than Loreal's lineur Intense and of course not as black. Loreal recently released the Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner which is HUGE and reminds me of a sharpie. I actually love this. I didn't think that I would because of how obnoxiously large it is but I am loving thicker eyeliner at the moment and this makes it very easy to achieve that look. The point on this is nice because its really fat at the base but pretty sharp at the tip so it really allows you to create a line that is thin in the inner corner and larger towards the wing (which is of course what you want ). Honorable mention, their gel liners are also fabulous very comparable to a few higher end options. Loreal you reign over the drugstore liners, keep it up.

What is your favorite drugstore liner?


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