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I have quite a few products I finished up in the last couple of months. A few definite repurchases of course and 1 or 2 that I will never buy again.
Body Care
~ Olay Quench Body Lotion ~ I used to use this my freshman year of college and I loved it, decided to pick it up again and the smell just took me back to house parties, late study sessions, dance rehearsals (I was a dance major), and the warm southern weather. The smell of this lotion is amazing and it does the trick of moisturizing my scaly limbs in the summer, but now that its transitioning to cooler weather I need a thicker moisturizer. 

~ Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Moisturzer ~ Picked this up on a whim at Whole Foods. It's a nice product. A little on the thin side but it pretty much does the trick. This was really expensive for what it is...I believe somewhere around the $30 mark. I would much rather pick up my HG moisturizer Lush's Sympathy for the Skin for a little less, plus it lasts longer. 

~ Bio-Oil ~ It's very rare that I come in contact with an absolute FAIL. I usually do a ton of research before I go out and spend my money, but now that I have this blog I really just like to purchase things on a whim and try them out for you and let you guys know the honest truth without having other opinions already in my head. Please don't waste your money on this product, its basically a glorified version of Crisco. I can't. It was so thick and left a nice noticeable layer of film on my body. I'm sure there are better options for body oils out there, and no, it did nothing for my scars even a very recent one.

Skin Care 
~ La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Light ~ You guys already know how I feel about this product. Holy Grail Status to the point that I always have a back up so I am never out.  A thin milky serum that just instantly alleviates dehydration. The plump factor is ridiculous and it also helps with mild acne or breakouts.

~ La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water ~ Completely not necessary but do I love and use it all the time? Yes and I have already repurchased. Instead of splashing water on my face before cleansing I use this. It provides powerful antioxidant protection and it instantly calms my skin and preps it for the next step in my skin care. 

~ Caudalie Beauty Elixir ~ A cult favorite in the beauty world, I love this as a toner when my skin is going haywire. It really calms and helps heal the skin while also providing you with a glow. 

~ MAC Cleanse Off Oil ~ I have used this for years! It has always been a staple in my skincare regimen. It quickly removes all my makeup and leaves my skin hydrated and ready for my second cleanse. I recently decided to try another cleansing oil, ( I know I know if its not broken dont break it right?), we will see how it goes but if I have any issues please believe I will be running back to my first love.

~ Bliss Steep Clean Mask ~ I was so sad to see this go. A great deep cleaning mask that really works at exfoliating the skin while leaving it purified and moisturized. I have a few other masks I have on my wish list but eventually I may repurchase.

~ Zoya Nail Polish Remover ~ Best polish remover I have ever tried and it doesn't leave my nails dry and brittle.

~ Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat ~ Unlike most people I am not a fan of Seche Vite but this top coat is amazing. It leaves my nails glossy but it dries in literally seconds and it doesn't go goopy quickly.

~ OPI Originial Nail Envy ~ I have to use this or my nails will literally fall off. This is the best treatment and base coat that leaves my nails healthy and strong.

~ Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream ~ If you have naturally curly thick need this. It hydrates and makes your curls pop! Even if you have a bit of heat damage this will bring your curls to life and give you definition. 

~ Jane Carter Nourish & Shine ~ Basically a very smooth easy to work with shea butter with a few other amazing ingredients thrown in. This smells like straight up honeysuckle...It smells insanely good. I use this when I am taking down my twists for a twist out. It helps hydrate the ends of my hair while giving me a little shine as well, not to mention my hair smells like a field of honeysuckle on a spring day. 

What products have you finished up recently?


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