The Review ~ Japonesque Brushes


Japonesque is a brand that I don't hear too much about, but as I peruse the aisles at Ulta I was constantly eyeing their brushes. I recently decided to just try out two or three. Well I tried them out and now I have six.

Overall the brushes are really great quality. I love that they are just the simple matte black handle and they are very soft. Japonesque also placed the logo and the brush numbers on the bottom of the handle, which is genius, less chance for the numbers to get rubbed off ( MAC take notes). I always deep clean my brushes before I use them and there wasn't any all. I also picked up their Brush Cleaner which works wonders at spot cleaning even on my white brushes. I also find this brush cleaner has an oilier texture then say my MAC Brush Cleaner, which helps nourish my brushes so they last longer.

~ Brush 340 Professional Angled Eyeliner Brush ~ the size of this brush is very similar to MAC's 266 but this one has synthetic hairs versus MAC's natural hairs. The brush is a but stiff which I actually prefer when using gel eyeliners.

~ Brush 110 HD Dual Sided Brush ~ I thought this brush was so cool! I know MAC and few other high end brands have something similar. It has a synthetic side to apply the product and then the natural hair side to blend out the product. Quite frankly I just throw on a tinted moisturizer and blend it in with the top of the brush using both sides and it is beautiful.

~ Brush 230 Professional Eye Shadow Fluff Brush in Medium ~ I have my MAC 239 shader brush which can be quite small when I just want a quick everyday look. This brush works well at quickly packing on color when your in a hurry.

~ Brush 244 Professional Pointed Foundation Brush ~ Love this for applying and blending out concealer under the eye and around the face.

~ Brush 213 Professional Eye Detailer Brush ~ Perfect for highlighting underneath the brow bone.

~ Brush 140 HD Dual Sided brush ~ Similar to Brush 110, but once again I use the top to blend out the crease area. I particularly love this because of the size...very similar to my MAC 217 but a little bit fatter and fluffier to make for quick easy blending.

Have you tried anything from Japonesque?


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