Intro to The Balm


Kohls recently upgraded their beauty section and brought in a few new beauty brands, one of them being The Balm. I have always wanted to try a few of their products but other than being online I wasn't able to get a good close up look until now. I wasn't that impressed with their offering and a lot of the products seemed geared toward lighter skin tones but I did manage to pick up a few winners.

Of course I had to pick up the cult favorite, The Nude Tude Palette. I am a sucker for neutral shades, and clearly I can never have enough. I have really been enjoying this palette. It has a lot of versatility and shadow combination options. I have pretty much been using this exclusively all month. Unfortunately the shadows are not as long wearing as say my MAC or Urban Decay picks (even with a primer) but it does last for most of the day.

(Instain Blush in Houndstooth and Pinstripe, Betty-lou Manizer, Mary-Lou Manizer)

I decided to try the Instastain Blushes in Houndstooth and Pinstripe because I hadn't heard much about them and they were extremely pigmented and creamy when  swatched. Love these! They are very soft and easy to work with, the pigmentation is perfect. As far as staining, It's just a regular powder  blush on me that starts to fade about 5-6 hours in. Definitely not as long lasting as my Tarte Blushes. Overall they are nice and have a beautiful sheen/glow to them. 

If you only had to get two things from this brand it would definitely be the highlighters. They are ridiculous! I picked up Betty-Lou Manizer which is definitely a more golden bronze highlighter that looks insanely good on my complexion. I love it because it doesn't lean orange like MAC's Gold deposit so this is perfect for all year round. Mary-Lou Manizer is more of a champagne color. To me its a more intense version of MAC's By Candlelight which is my all time favorite highlighter. I love this  blended out on the cheekbone it doesn't look nearly as intense. Overall I am impressed with everything I picked up from The Balm but we all know how I feel about those highlighters. 

Have you tried anything from The Balm?



  1. I've only used a few products, but what I have I've liked.
    I do agree about the wearing time of the eyeshadows though, but I still love them! :)

    1. yea I wish they did last a bit favorite is the burgundy shade!