Let's Talk Makeup Removers


Removing your makeup at the end of the night or in my case as soon as I get home is vital to great skin.  No matter how late it is or early the next day I always properly remove my makeup and slap on moisturizer.
The only product I have been using for the past couple of years has been MAC's Cleanse Off Oil. I absolutely loved that product. Very easy to use (as long as you use it properly) and literally removes every last trace of makeup, leaving my skin clean and moisturized. I recently decided I wanted to test out a few other options. First up, Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil, I was meh about this product when I first got it. The orangey scent can be very overpowering and the thickness of the oil completely put me off. I found it hard to work with at first but once I got the hang of it I actually LIKE it, not love, but I like it enough to finish the bottle. Its best if you take a few pumps of the product (I usually do 4) and gently massage it all over your face, you can feel it removing your makeup, make sure not to add water until you have massaged a good enough amount of the product in, then rinse. It leaves your face extremely clean and gets off ALL of your makeup, my skin is left feeling normal but not as moisturized as the MAC option.

Virgin Coconut Oil is known for doing wonders for your skin, hair, and even food. Right now I am obsessed with incorporating this into my skincare regimen as a makeup remover and a mask. This removes makeup easily without the drama. It smooths on the skin and it smells wonderful as it gently wipes away every sign of makeup. It leaves your skin radiant, smooth, and prepped for your next step. I can not get enough and definitely prefer this to both my Josie Maran and MAC Cleansing Oils. Amazing all natural option.

Ok wow, who knew I could talk so much about makeup remover, what are your favorite removers?


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