Luminous Matte Skin


Long gone are the days of flat matte foundations. Brands have recently began creating what I like to call foundation hybrids. Foundations that give a luminous matte finish to the skin, which in turn gives an overall more natural finish. Foundations are now becoming lighter weight while still providing full coverage and I am loving this turn around. Brands are bringing out foundations that matte the skin but still provide a subtle radiance/ glow which I prefer especially this time of year. This new way of looking at bases doesn't stop with foundation, powders have jumped on board as well.
~ Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream in 004 ~ My option for days when I want lightweight coverage. Its perfect for those of us who have a drier skin type but still would like to be relatively matte vs. dewey. This mattifies the skin without compromising comfort. It still provides a great amount of moisture leaving my skin looking and feeling amazing.

~ Marc Jacobs Genuis Gel in 84 Medium Cocoa ~ A beautiful foundation that has a bit more glow but still isn't dewey. It keeps my oilier areas oil free while still providing a radiant finish.

~ Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation in 7.5 Warm Walnut ~ Of course I couldn't talk about bases and not include my current favorite (which is quickly moving to Holy Grail....Gasps). BB has checked all the boxes when it comes to this baby. It makes your skin look photo shopped, provides a luminous matte look to the skin, it looks natural, my skin remains comfortable all day, and the color match is perfection.

~ Hourglass Ambient Light Powder in Dim Light & NARS Light Reflective Setting Powder ~ Are both great options for a powder that will set your makeup and prevent any extra oil but still provide you with a lovely glow.

Ok I'm done talking about the Bobbi Brown Foundation...maybe


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