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Not all eye creams are created equal. I have different eye creams to attack different problem areas I may be experiencing. Here is an overview of  my current eye cream rotation.

~ John Masters Organics Firming Eye Gel ~ an all natural alternative, this helps to tighten underneath your eyes and the gel consistency reduces puffiness. I tend to use this in the warmer months when my  eye area doesn't need as much moisture.(You can pick this up at WHOLE FOODS)

~ La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes ~ I have literally raved on and on about the Hydraphase Intense serum for the face, amazing product that instantly hydrates and plumps your skin. I am literally addicted to the stuff, here's my mini review. This product is the exact same thing but for your eyes, genius. It's not your typical gel formula its actually quite thick and absorbs  quickly into the skin giving my eye area so much needed hydration. I love placing this in the fridge before I use it, the coolness helps sooth and reduce any puffiness I may be experiencing. 

~ Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment ~ I have used this for years and still continue to repurchase. It leaves your under eye area extremely moisturized and treated. A simple eye cream that just gets the job done.

~ Origins Gin-zing Eye Cream ~ I did a full review on this here. I love using this in the mornings, it has a pinky iridescent color to it that immediately brightens the under eye area. It's a great eye cream to use before makeup application, concealer sits beautifully on top without creasing or looking cakey.

~ Murad Renewing Eye Cream ~ Currently still testing this recent edition. It's suppose to help reduce the signs of aging /prevent them from happening. I use this as more of a preventive measure and so far I am enjoying it. 

Do you use an eye cream? What are your favorites?


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