The Pamper & Prep ~ Tea Time


Lately Tea has become apart of my daily routine. There's something so relaxing about a warm mug of tea, especially at night or during a stressful day. During my Sunday pamper sessions I love finishing it off curled up in bed, reading with some tea. Here are my favorites.

I purchase all my teas (except the Lipton you can pick that up at your local grocery) from Whole Foods. I highly suggest going there for your tea needs any flavor and concoction you can imagine they have. Love it. The Lipton Green Tea with Purple Acai Bluberry is what started this obsession. It smells amazing and it tastes just as good. I love this when I need a quick energy boost or I'm feeling a little out of it. The smell itself will wake you up.

 Throughout the day there are 3 teas that I usually always reach for. The Yogi Skin Detox and Healthy Skin Teas both are formulated to support a healthy skin care regimen. Ayurevedic herbs help to hydrate, retain moisture, cool and soothe the skin. Since incorporating these teas into my diet I have noticed my skin looking overall brighter, but it could just be my skincare regimen. They taste great and I love that they could possibly be helping my skin out. Yogi Peppermint tea is another day time option, its suppose to support healthy digestion but I love it for its pepperminty goodness. Perfect for this time of year.

There's nothing like a warm soothing cup of tea right before you head to bed. To satisfy my sweet tooth I love the Celestial Herbal Tea in Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. This smells straight up like a bakery, which can be confusing because it tastes completely different than it smells. The taste is more of a sweet herbal flavor but still very yummy. Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime is my go to bedtime tea. This tastes AMAZING...I can't handle it. I am a lover of all things caramel so this is perfection in a mug. It's not as sweet as typical caramel but its still amazing and it does a great job of promoting a good nights sleep.

Do you have a favorite tea?


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