The Review ~ Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion


I recently had to revamp my skincare routine. Thanks to the colder weather some of my go to favorites just were not working for my skin. I was piling on the products hoping to get some miraculous results but instead my skin was getting extremely irritated and clogged. That's when I decided to take a trip to the always faithful Aveda.

Once I switched a few things in my skincare regimen I realized I needed a daily lotion that was lightweight but still did the job of hydrating my skin and keeping it  hydrated all day. Aveda's Botanicial Kinetics Hydrating Lotion did just that. It alleviates any dryness while also remaining light on the skin. It literally feels like water when you put it on your face, cooling and refreshing. It also smells divine. I have pretty sensitive skin and this does not irritate me at all in fact I found that it really helped calm the areas of my skin that were irritated.

The whole Botanical Kinetics Line at Aveda is amazing I have already tried and love their toners (heres my review on them). I trust Aveda's skin care, every time I have tried something new I have fallen in love. This product has definitely taken residence in my morning skin care routine. I think I may even  like this better than my first love, Khiels Ultra Facial Cream, time will tell.

Do you have any recent skin care faves?


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