The Review ~ Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation


 A new addition to my base collection. Becca is a brand I have always wanted to try. I recently picked up two liquid highlighters (which Becca is known for) and then this caught my eye. With a quick swatch on my hand, it was thrown into my basket to trial at home.

Becca's Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation is described as a lightweight, medium coverage foundation that leaves the skin with a naturally radiant finish. The tube has about 1.35oz which is a tad bit more than the average 1 oz foundations we usually see on the market. I love that this is a squeeze tube, it makes storage and use, user friendly. The bottle gives you just the right amount of product which is also a plus. I picked up the color Tobacco, the closest color match for me, I am so happy to report that they have 18 shades to choose from.

Ok here's the nitty gritty. This is pretty freaking good. Lately I have just been running into some great foundations and this is definitely added to the list. Its love. Extremely lightweight and blends into the skin seamlessly. The coverage is definitely medium and only slightly buildable so if you need full coverage you will absolutely need concealer. I find the coverage to be perfect for me. The finish is satin bordering on matte but it gives a radiance to your skin, no glow, just radiant. Its really hard to describe. This is definitely more matte than my Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation, but it doesn't look dry or flat. Surprisingly my dry areas are not irritated when wearing this product so my dry skin girls you may be able to pull this off. Move aside Dior BB cream I think Becca has just taken your place.

Have you tried anything from Becca?



  1. Really wanna try this foundation!! I love becca.. I have her cream blush which very emollient yet looks super natural when applied and her powder blush which is just a wonderful formula.. Ive also tried the luminious skin perfector foundation i think is what it's called.. Its lovely as a primer coz its super sheer yet hydrating.. And her Opal highlighter is just to die for

    1. Definitely try the foundation and let me know what you think!