The Review ~ Best Brown Eyeliner Ever?


A few months ago I was obsessed with pencil eyeliners, and  although the obsession has died down a bit, I am still really enjoying the smudgy/sultryness that a great eye pencil can achieve. My mission has been to fine the perfect dark (almost black) brown eyeliner pencil that is creamy enough for me to smudge out but has the lasting power of a gel eyeliner.

My HG eyeliners by Marc Jacobs had a really nice bronzey brown color  but it wasn't dark enough for the looks I wanted to achieve, and then I accidentally discovered the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel...quite possibly the best brown eyeliner. Ever.

I picked up the Stila in the Light palette and this little number accompanied it. I didn't think to much off it until I tried it out on my waterline. Not only is it the perfect color, dark enough to define but soft enough for everyday use, it stays put in the waterline. I love that the product is creamy enough to blend out, but once it sets it is not budging.

Have you tried this product out?


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