The Review ~ Caudalie Enzymatic Peel Mask


By now we all know my love and commitment to face masks. They are a great quick fix to any skincare problem you may currently be enduring. My recent go to mask has been the Caudalie Enzymatic Peel Mask and they definitely did not disappoint with this beauty.
This ten minute masks claims to give the skin a radiance boost, while also providing a "new skin" effect. Geared toward all skin types this does a great job of smoothing out my skin, reducing shine while also soothing my irritations. Not gonna lie this is kinda amazing, but its not a miracle worker. If your having acne breakouts they will obviously still be there, just not as red. If you have large pores they may be slightly minimized but nothing significant. If you have clogged pores they will still be clogged.

So what is this mask is great for? Red, irritated, and tired skin. Which is what my skin has been suffering thanks to this ungodly cold weather. The creamy texture doesn't dry out my already dry skin and you can feel the soothing properties work quickly to help with the irritation. Once removed my skin looks great. You can clearly see the difference from before and after and I thank the serious exfoliating that this mask does. My skin is left smooth, calm, and normal. Great mask just to help balance everything out.

Have you tried any other masks from Caudalie? Thinking of giving the Cream Moisturizing Mask a go.


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