Shopping your Stash


One of my makeup resolutions this year was to really enjoy the make up I have. My collection has gotten so massive that I'm not even using half of the products that I own. I am constantly finding things that I haven't really tried out or that just get lost in the mix. Just because I like a product doesn't mean I need it in every color when I only use two of the colors constantly. I did some serious downsizing at the beginning of the year and although its still quite a bit of makeup to go through at least everything is visible. Here are a few guidelines I am going to try to abide by this year when it comes to purchasing makeup.

1. One in/ One Out ~ The only time I can purchase something is when I have finished something else  or If I buy a product then another product has to be given to a friend. Its the only way for me to maintain an organized collection while still also feeding my addiction.

2. Shop your Stash ~ When I feel an itch to head to the land of Sephora I need to shop in my own makeup collection first. Try a new look with some products that I rarely use, you never know what gems you might fall in love with or what you might rediscover.

3. Think Before you Buy ~ When there is a new collection or a new item that hits the shelves I immediately think that I need that, but honestly I tend to buy the same things, colors, formulas, over and over again. Before purchasing,the main question that needs to be asked is "Do you have something similar?", most of the time that question is greeted with a Yes. Second question, "Do you really really really need it?" and this question is ALWAYS answered with a no.

Shopping your stash doesn't just apply to my makeup collection but brushes, nail polish, and skin care are included. Wish me luck because that new Dior Collection is already whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Sigh.

What are your thoughts on streamlining your beauty collection?



  1. I love the way you have your makeup stored in your dresser. That is a very neat and creative idea.