The Makeup ~ Dark Brown Eyeshadows


Everyone needs that perfect dark brown eyeshadow to help smoke out the outer corner/crease or even to use as a subtly eyeliner to help enhance the lash-line. I personally opt for warmer toned browns simple because I feel they look the best on me but I have a few cool toned brown options that I love as well.

~ MAC Brown Down ~ My favorite brown to use in my outer corner and crease on a daily basis. The formula is fantastic and very easy to blend out. It gives a nice dark effect that will give you a beautiful smokiness to the eye without looking too dark.

~ MAC Espresso ~ One of the first MAC shadows I have ever purchased this is clearly the most used. I find this is great for smudging along the lash line and for my brows.

~ MAC Handwritten & Embark ~ These two shades are pretty similar. Very warm toned. Handwritten leans a little on the plum side and Embark leans more on the red.

~ Loreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Continuous Cocoa ~ This is the darkest brown I own. Borderline black, a great option for a dramatic eye look. One of my go to picks for a night out.

Dark Browns or Blacks? What do you prefer?



  1. I don't wear eyeshadows often but when I do it's usually black for a smokey eye. These browns are gorgeous though! Looks like I'll be making a stop at the MAC store soon :)

  2. Great! Let me know what you end up getting!