The New ~ Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade


When I saw this new release I knew I needed to give it a try. A creamy textured brow product that's waterproof? Yes please.

Anastasia always brings it in the brow department. I have quite a few of her products and all of them I have enjoyed, so the bar was set high. I will say this product takes a few times to get used to, much like the Tarte Brow Mousse I reviewed, but once you get it right the results are wonderful. I usually use my MAC 266 for my brows but I found that with this product my brows were looking too harsh and dramatic. The Lowe Cornell angular brush changed the way I applied this product. Its a bit fluffier, so the pomade isn't as intense and helps to give a natural look to the brows.

I tend to get oily in my brow area, so by the end of the day my brows will look a bit shiny or weird, this completely keeps that area matte and shine free which I love! I set this with a clear brow gel out of habit and paranoia but I have a feeling you will be fine if you decide to skip that step. Overall my first couple of times wearing this I have been very pleased.

Have you ever switched up your brow products? 


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