The New ~Bare Minerals Ready Palette


Why am I just now discovering these addicting little eyeshadow palettes? I don't usually hear much about Bare Minerals, except for their cult favorite foundation, but other than that their products usually don't come up in the beauty blogging world. I just want to go ahead and put out there, I look at Bare Minerals in a whole new light. Here are my thoughts.

 (The Happy Place, The Knick of Time, The Epiphany)

These eye shadows are niiiiccceee. I mean really nice. The mattes can be a little powdery but nothing we all haven't seen before in a matte. The pigmentation is phenomenal and overall these are a great bang for your buck. Similar to the NARS Duos I talked about earlier this week, each palette has complimentary colors which really helps when your quickly trying to get ready. They blend beautifully and are just extremely easy to work with. Can we just talk about that quad for a minute? I mean its beautiful and its something that I wouldn't have thought to put together myself but it works so well on the eye. These are a YES in my book.

Have you tried anything from this brand before?



  1. These look gorgeous, I love the quad palette. I've never tried anything from Bare Minerals before.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. Such a pleasant surprise from Bare Minerals, let me know if you give these a try