The Pamper & Prep ~ Streamlining My Skincare


Oh Friends. I know you are tired of my constant rambles and dramatic monologues when it comes to the topic of my dry and extremely irritated skin. We all know Old Man Winter has not been my friend when it comes to my face, but to be honest I cant completely fault the weather. I may have had a little something to do with it. GASPS. I know I am constantly preaching on how I properly care for my face and how you should as well and yet I may be the one to blame for my ongoing skin issues. Here are my thoughts and of course a few skin care bits.

This has been quite the journey and I am so glad to say that there is a bit of light at the end. My skin has been going haywire since around October and assuming it was because of the weather I started to incorporate heavy creams and oils into my regimen. Balms and Milks were my cleansers of choice and I pretty much lived in face masks. Nothing was working. My skin would feel a bit better but by the following morning we were back to square one. My skin was inflamed, red, dry patches and just freaking uncomfortable. Angry is the best way to describe it. Then last week I began breaking out on my forehead with random white head pimples. I mean really? I'm doing all this work and it just seemed like it was getting worst. I thought back to when I was younger and how my skin was fab and yet my regimen was so simple and constant. BINGO! Simple and Constant. I am doing wayyyy too much to my poor face. I am bombarding it with different cleansers everyday, essential oils out the wazoo, acids, and face masks. It never has time to really properly react and get used to...well...anything. My skin was clogged and angry and it really just needed a break. So I stripped my skincare routine down and really went for some basic no nonsense products.

~NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil ~ One of the best makeup removers I have tried since finishing me MAC Cleanse off Oil months ago. This is not as heavy as the Josie Maran option, but it does a great job at removing makeup quickly and leaving the skin hydrated.

~ Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser ~ I have been using this cleanser morning and night and so far so good. A nice gel texture that doesn't leave the skin dehydrated but it still does a great job and cleansing the skin, and it smells so good.

~ Khiels Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner ~ I choose to keep this toner in the mix because its fantastic at re-balancing the skin and ph levels. It has antiseptic properties which will help any pesky spots from showing up but it also leaves the skin refreshed and not dry. AM/PM

~ Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream ~ Similar to the Khiels Cream Avocado treatment this is not as heavy which is great because it doesn't clog the pores around my eyes. AM/PM

~ Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer ~ A Gel/Cream hybrid this is a great moisturizer (so far). It hydrates the skin without being too heavy unlike most of my moisturizers. AM/PM


~ Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil ~ I still wanted to incorporate a face oil in my regimen but I wanted something a little bit lighter than my rosehip or argan oil. This Clarins options is very light and absorbs into the skin quickly. What really made me want to try this out was that it claims to be clarifying, while also refining skin texture. I can say that the first night I used this my bumps were reduced a tad and my redness was gone. I decided I will only use this at night. I will definitely report back. PM

~ Kate Sommerville Clarifying Treatment Toner ~ My Tuesday and Thursday evening toner just to help with any scars left behind and current breakouts. 

The plan is to actually stick with this routine for at least two months, maybe longer and  hopefully I will see some major results. Sometimes simplicity and consistency is all you need. 



  1. Fantastic post! I too suffer from dry, sensitive skin that seems to become irritated by everything at the moment, so I will certainly try out some of your recommendations.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. Thank you Laura! Let me know how it goes.