The Skincare ~ A Midweek Pamper Session


Merry Wednesday Everyone! Wednesdays can actually be one of the hardest and longest days of the week. It's kind of the tipping point, the weekend still seems pretty far off and the stress from the last two days of work are beginning to take its toll. I spend so much time on Sundays relaxing and giving my self a great pamper session that Monday morning I wake up ready to take on the world, but by Wednesday that zeal has completely diminished. So tonight I will be doing a midweek pamper session as a quick pick me up to get me through the week.
It's still a work day so bath time is probably not going to happen. Instead my normal shower gets a bit of an upgrade. Try incorporating a shower oil or exfoliating product , something a little special and luxurious to amp up your shower time. My skin is in definite need of a boost, so I am whipping out the masks.

~ Origins Out of Trouble ~ If I am having a pretty stressful week more than likely it is showing up on my face. This mask really helps to calm and heal any problem areas without being too drying.

~ Aveda Cooling Masque ~ Probably one of my most relaxing masks. This smells incredible and the cooling sensation instantly relieves any tension you may be holding in your face and neck.

~ Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque ~ This instantly plumps and re-hydrates your face, helping with the look of fatigue.

Try incorporating a pamper session into your Wednesday, see if it makes a difference!


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