To Line or Not to Line


Lip liner is a step that I hardly ever take the time to do and yet I have quite a few lipliners hiding in my stash. The idea of lining your lips makes perfect sense but I'd much rather spend time putting on layers of mascara. For those of you who are on the fence here are some Pro's and Con's.
The Pro's

~ For those of you who have thinner lips. Liner is your best friend. It gives the illusion that your lips are a bit fuller than they really are. If you want to pull a really dramatic pout you can always slightly over-line your lips to help give them a nice pucker.

~ Great for everyday lipstick wearers. Especially if you have on a bold lip, Lipliner will help prevent your lipstick from bleeding and feathering. 

~ If the rim of your lips is a tad darker than the inner part of your lips. Liner will really help to camouflage that, allowing your lipstick to look even. 

~ Longevity! One of the main reasons people opt for lipliner is it helps your lipstick to adhere to your lips longer. 

The Con's

~ Another added step your makeup routine, and if your on a time crunch, taking the time to line your lips can be daunting. 

~ If your a sheer lipstick/ lipgloss wearer, this step really can be skipped unless you just want a fuller lip. 

So are you a lipliner kinda girl?



  1. I swear by lip liner! I love wearing bold red and dark vampy colors. The only way they look good is if I perfect them with liners. I love MAC lip liners!

    1. Surprisingly I haven't tried an MAC liners, will definitely make a note. You may like the Urban Decay 24/7 lip liners, super smooth and creamy.