The Makeup ~ My Favorite Inner Corner Highlights


If you are a daily makeup wearer than more than likely you have a signature. A signature makeup trick or thing that you always have to do. Whether it be a red lip, winged eye liner, or mascara only on's Your special makeup signature. Mine happens to be an inner corner highlight.

A lot of people tend to bypass this step but it is one of my favorite things to do even if I am just wearing mascara that day. It really helps to awaken the eyes and brighten up your whole face. It's my thing. Here are a few of my favorite eye shadows to use in my inner corner.

~ MAC Phloof! ~I pretty much ALWAYS use this when I am doing a really darker sultry smokey eye. It's a really bright iridescent shade and I find the contrast between a smokey eye and Phloof! just works.

~ MAC Naked Lunch ~ Such a pretty color this is definitely the warmest of the bunch and I love using this in conjunction with the NAKED 3 palette.

~ MAC Next to Nothing ~ Hands down my all time favorite inner corner color (clearly I have hit pan on it). It's white enough that it helps to really brighten but its warm enough that you can wear it every single day with literally any look.

~ MAC Ricepaper ~ This has quite a bit of yellow in it which is great for smokey green eye looks and also bronze/gold looks.

What's your signature makeup trick or look?


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