The Pamper & Prep ~ Bath Time For a Shower Girl


Recently my usual Sunday night pampers have been seriously upgraded. I have now incorporated baths, which is a pretty big deal for me. I never really saw the appeal in baths before, but now that I am older I am embracing them. Everybody needs ME time, a time to just cater to your self and relax, even if that's only 20 minutes once a week, its still very important. It allows me time to really reflect, and prepare for the upcoming week. Here are a few bath products that really help me unwind.
~ Bath and Body Works Night Time Tea ~ The B&BW Aromatherapy line is amazing for nicely scented products, they have salts, Bubble bath, candles, oils, etc. Anything you could imagine to make your bath time more luxurious and relaxing.

~ Caudalie Divine Scrub ~ A gentle scrub that sloths away the dead cells leaving you with smooth  soft skin. It smells wonderful and really adds to the bath time experience.

~ LUSH Sympathy for the Skin ~ One of my all time favorite body lotions, it smells like banana pudding and vanilla. Lightweight but very hydrating and easy to quickly rub into the skin.

~ Caudalie Divine Oil ~ I usually just add this lightweight oil around any dry areas (elbows,knees, etc) and the scent lingers on your skin.

Now all you need is a nice glass of wine and you are ready to take on the week.
How do you like to unwind and prepare for Monday?


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