The Diary ~ A Spring Weekend


This past weekend was probably the first official "Spring" weekend in the DMV. It was beautiful, the skies were clear and the weather was in the perfect 70's reaching to 80 on Sunday. I took advantage of the weather and made sure I was outside as much as possible. Here are a few pics and details of my weekend.

 I spent most of my Saturday wishing I could live in Brookside Gardens, located in Silver Spring. I don't think I can explain how magical this little place is. Tucked away from the city, hidden on a little road this place was an amazing find. Pathways lead you to different areas of flowers and trees that are simply just beautiful. They even have a babbling brooke full of ducks, turtles, frogs, and fish that I spent way too much time at. A great place to go with family, a cute date, or just to walk around and relax. If your in the are you definitely need to check this spot out.


Sunday! My friends and I decided to head to Downtown DC for the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Traffic and the stress of the crowds aside, it was a wonderful experience. We packed a picnic lunch and stretched out on the lawn to enjoy the weather. I wore my first dress of the season! This Zara purchase was a must and I am so happy I decided to pick it up. 

A perfect little end to my spring weekend, hopefully we will have more in the near future. 

What did you get into this weekend?


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