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I don't think I have ever really talked about my hair. Mainly because, until recently my hair routine was pretty simple and I really didn't care what products I was throwing into my mane. My curly hair pretty much did what it was supposed to do because it was cut into a style. Welp, those days are over and we are currently in the "growing out a cut" phase. I recently straightened my hair just to help with the awkwardness and I needed to pick up a few new hair products to help with styling and overall health. 

The products I use when my hair is curly vs straight need to be completely different. My straight hair needs all of my products to be as light as possible as to not weigh down my hair, yet still keep my hair moisturized. I decided to pick up a few products from the brand Ojon. It's my first time tampering with their products and I clearly got really excited and picked up way more than planned.

~ Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo ~ Sulfate-Free this shampoo is geared toward very dry or damaged hair. Not gonna lie the description on the back of the bottle completely pulled me in. Actually all of Ojon's descriptions are incredible and enticing. This is suppose to deeply nourish and restore the hair as it cleanses. There are also tiny beads that release on contact to "revive damaged hair". Sounds amazing...but we shall see.

~ Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner ~ I was so excited about the Rare Blend Shampoo I thought it only right to combine it with the conditioner, and I was in DESPERATE need of a decent conditioner. This is supposed to be an intensive restorative treatment. As you can see from the bottle its a duo-phase product, the amber side includes Ojon Oil, African Shea, and a few other yummy butters and oils. The lighter side is a moisturizing cream with plant-derived conditioners. I'm excited to slather this all over my hair. And. It. Smells. Divine.

~ Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment ~ I decided to pick up the mini version of this product because to be honest I am not a 100% sure I am going to like it. The idea is to use this as a pre-treatment (Pre-poo) before you wash your hair. A nice weekly treatment that will help moisturize and nourish the hair. There's only one major problem...the smell. It literally smells like coffee, soil, and marijuana. There is a version of this where the scent isn't as potent. If I end up loving it I will definitely pick up the full size of the lightly scented version.

~ Ojon Rare Blend Oil~ I love a good hair oil, but since I am wearing my hair straight for a while I needed an oil that was lightweight and wouldn't weigh my hair down. This promises to boost moisture, tame frizz and prevent heat damage, which was a major bonus for me now that I will be using heat tools more often.

~ Oscar Blandi Dry Heat Protection Spray ~ I wanted a heat protectant that I could spray on my hair when it was dry. For a curly girl, this was so hard for me to find! A lot of heat protectants are in a liquid or serum form, both can revert my hair back to curly, which clearly defeats the purpose. But this! This is Holy Grail Status! 1. I love that it protects up to 450 degrees 2. It sprays completely dry onto the hair and it leaves a nice shine, think hairspray but instead its a heat protectant. Kinda of genius and exactly what I was looking for.

I can't wait to dive into these products and don't worry I'll give you all the details when I do!


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