A Perfect Pairing


In the process of doing my makeup everyday, I often times find the perfect combinations. An eyeshadow that pairs beautifully with a blush. A lipstick and lipliner combination that's made for each other. I decided I will start sharing those everyday little finds, this post will be one of many Perfect Pairings.

 MAC Pinch Me Blush can be described as a medium coral blush with a little bit of brownish pink. I just rediscovered this in my stash and I love it. MAC always gets it right when it comes to their formula, so you already know this is seamless when it comes to application. It really brightens the face and just gives a nice everyday glow, the perfect cheek color.

Now, bring in Revlon's Colorburst Lipgloss in Rosepearl, and we have something amazing. I already really like the idea of pairing blush and lip colors in the same family, but this is just... nice. The slightly darker rose color is beautiful on the lips and brings out more of the warmer tones in the blush. Yet, both are still very natural and easy to wear.

What do you like pairing together? 


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