Growing A Perfume Collection


I recently did a major clear out of my perfume stash.We are talking perfumes that have been around since High School and as I have gotten older my scent preference has changed. Here is my new well edited perfume stash with a few thoughts on growing your collection.

I love a floral, sweet scent mixed with sexy and dark, and for the most part my collection really reflects that. I like a fragrance to have a richness to it, something that can easily transition from day to night. My current favorite? Prada Candy. Sweet and sexy perfection is what I would describe it as. Now that I have taken the time to really condense my perfume collection, I really know and understand what I like in a fragrance and the next time I am in the market to purchase I know what to look for. Also, I will probably always by the smaller bottles of perfume. On a day to day, I usually forget or cant be bothered to spray. I have really been enjoying my tiny perfume collection.

Here is the Rundown

Prada Candy ~ You know my thoughts. Spraying it right now while I type.
Burberry Brit ~ On the spicier side of things. Reminds me of Summer nights.
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb ~ Before Prada Candy came in my life this was my go to. If sexy had a smell, this would be it.
Coach Poppy and Coach Poppy Blossom ~ Both are floral scents and smell really similar. Coach Poppy just has a hint of citrus in it. Lovely day time fragrances that smell light and refreshing, compared to my heavier options.
Katy Perry Purr ~ Random...I know, but It.Smells. DIVINE!
Flora by Gucci in Glamorous Magnolia ~ The breath of an Angel smells just like this. *Sprays Everywhere* 

What are some of your favorite perfumes?



  1. Viva La Juicy, Chloe and Kate Spade's Twirl are my favorites.

    1. oh! I may have to give Kate Spade's Twirl a sniff, didn't even know she did perfumes! Thank you.