Reviving Old Denim


I am definitely a jeans girl, and I'm the crazy kind. Will literally wear a pear of jeans until they are unrecognizable. Lucky enough for me distressed, worn jeans are a current trend right now and I am all over  it. I recently took an old pair of black denim that was on the way out and gave them a bit of a face lift.

I loved how this particular pair of denim has worn so gracefully. Once a nice inky black, they are now a blackish grey and the seams have worn to an even lighter color. I love every bit of it. I recently
DIY-ed some rips into the knee area, which is super easy by the way, I cut the area where I wanted the rips to be and then pulled out the black thread with my tweezers (there's a whole world of youtube videos showing you this technique). Now I feel like I have a new pair of denim.

Have you took the plunge and DIY- ed any Denim?


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