The Makeup ~ For Every Great Foundation,There's an Even Better Brush


Even the best foundations can use a little help. Here are brushes that take foundation that one step further. The tools that will allow your foundation to look its best on your skin, and when I say best, I mean flawless.
The Classic Foundation Brush ~ Normally I would run far away from the old standard foundation brushes. They can be a bit too stiff, applying the product in streaks and not blending out harsh lines. The MAC 189 however is unique because of its domed shaped end and "fluffier" hairs. It has a firm synthetic paddle brush that does an amazing job of really blending product into your skin, quickly and effectively. My favorite use for it? Tinted Moisturizers, particularly my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free. LM can be very thick and creamy, but the MAC 189 is one of the only brushes that can blend this product in beautifully, leaving the coverage, but making it look seamless. I'm not sure why MAC decided to discontinue this brush, but check your stash or a local CCO to see if you can pick it up.

Uses ~ Tinted Moisturizer and Thicker Liquid Foundations

The "Beyonce Flawless" Brush ~ If I am going for airbrushed perfection, I always reach for my Sephora 55 Pro Airbrush. The long, flexible, synthetic hairs work perfectly with foundation to achieve a beautifully blended look. When I know I am going to be photographed, this brush in combination with my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is the go to.

Uses ~ Liquid Foundations

The All Rounder ~ Other wise known as the "Buffing Brush". There are a plethora of brands that make amazing buffing brushes, I have a few myself that I just use in rotation. No matter the brand, everyone needs a good buffing brush. They can be used for everything, blending in liquid, cream, and powder foundations. Can even be used for bronzer, really, the uses are endless. Currently I have been in love with my Sephora 45 Classic Multitasker Brush ( used to be called the Mineral Powder Brush). I mainly use this with my mineral powder foundations, but I have used this with tinted moisturizers and liquid foundations. Works beautifully, blends in like a dream, and definitely a must in my brush stash.

Uses ~ Everything 

What are your must have complexion brushes? 


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