The Makeup ~ Beauty Tools


Aside from my daily use of makeup brushes, there are a few other tools that I keep around. Here are  the essentials.
Tweezers ~ Everyone needs a good pair of tweezers, whether its to remove any unwanted hairs or to put on lashes, you need them in your arsenal. 

Eyebrow Scissors ~ I love these for grooming my eyebrows and they are perfect for cutting down fake lashes.

Eyebrow Stencil ~ I mentioned this in My Brow Kit post, so I won't spend too much time on them, but if you are in to doing your eyebrows your self, these are a lifesaver.

A Spoolie ~ I know it doesn't seem necessary but this little tool really comes in handy when you need to De-clump your mascara or brush through your brows. 

A Beauty Blender/ Sponge ~ For blending in foundation to concealer, there is nothing quite like the effect of a sponge. It gives flawless application and is just a pleasure to use. 

Post -Its ~ This may be a little random for most people, but here me out. I place these at the corner of each eye (plastic part facing the eye, post it part sticking out) before I begin my eyeshadow application. Once removed, it gives a nice clean line to your eye look and catches and eyeshadow fall-out. Thanks Amelia for the idea! 

What are your go to Beauty Tools? Let me know in the comments below!



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